Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Hit Wonders # 2 - The Spiral Starecase

Another one of those one-hit wonders (indeed,where would rock music be without them?), The Spiral Starecase took their name from a movie of the same name with the title deliberately misspelled. Their hit,"More Today Than Yesterday" was released in 1969 , hit #12 in the Billboard Hot 100,and was awarded a gold record for 1 million units sold. The song has been covered by many artists,including Diana Ross , was featured in the 1991 film "My Girl", the 1998 film "The Waterboy", and the tv series "Ally McBeal".
The band consisted of Pat Upton on guitar and vocals , Harvey Kaye on keyboards, Dick Lopez on saxophone, Vinny Parelli on drums, and doing his best attempt at James Brown - style footwork in the video , Bobby Raymond on bass guitar (playing notably, a Fender hollow bodied bass!).

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