Monday, April 4, 2011

My Rolling Stones Top Five
1) Satisfaction (studio version)
Richards' Gibson Maestro Fuzztone sounded like nothing else at the time.Also note the  contributions of one Jack Nitzche, whose tambourine triplets and subliminal driving piano propel this classic.
2) Jumping Jack Flash (studio version)
Many bands have played this song,and made the unforgivable mistake of doubling the guitar riff on the bass (Yes,I'm talking to you, Peter Frampton!). This robs the song of the massive groove present in the original recording. The bass line is there for a reason,people!
3)Monkey Man
Watts and Wyman provide a killer groove , Wyman also plays vibes,but the inimitable Nicky Hopkins' piano on the coda makes this song the memorable outing that it is.
4) Sway
The most gifted guitarist the band ever had , Mick Taylor, kicks much ass on this haunting composition.
5) Under My Thumb
An irresistable hook provided by the sorely missed duo of Bill Wyman (bass) and Brian Jones (xylophone) make this song a high point in their catalog.


  1. It's really hard for me to find a top 5 because there are so many great Stone's songs. My favorite is Gimme Shelter, 2nd Jumping Jack Flash, 3rd
    Sister Morphine, 4th, Sympathy and 5 Monkey Man

  2. I think you've made up a great list. Rolling Stones are an amazing band. My list would have to be first Angie, second Gimme a shelter, third Sympathy, fourth satisfaction, and fifth Get Off Of My Cloud

  3. Sympathy For The Devil is a true classic as well as a flat-out killer song,Ryan. I could hacve easily made two or three Top Five listys for this band.

  4. Oh yeah I completely understand you there. They were a truly amazing band. It's hard to pick just five songs.