Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hosted for the most part by L.A. disc jockey Jimmy O'Neil , and occasionally by celebrity guest hosts , Shindig was a musical variety show that aired from September 16,1964 to January 8,1966. O'Neil was also the show's co-creator along with his wife , Sharon Sheehy and production executive Art Stolnitz.
 There were other pop music shows during the sixties , but Shindig remains the best example of the sheer diversity of music that would routinely be presented week to week . One show would have an all-Motown line-up , the next might feature British invasion acts , a week later an hour of West Coast psychedelia, James Brown ,Nancy Sinatra , the Rolling Stones , Sonny And Cher , Johnny Mathis , The Four Tops - if it was even remotely pop , on they went . Not to mention a house band , The Shindogs , that featured young men such as Glen Campbell , Billy Preston , Leon Russell , James Burton , Delaney Bramlett and others. We will see in this blog an occasional mix of the more intriguing clips from this ground-breaking show , the likes of which we'll never see again.To follow are some samples of the show's offerings starting with Howlin' Wolf with the Rolling Stones rightfully at his feet, performing the not-yet-stolen-by-Led Zeppelin song,"How Many MoreYears" with a pompadoured young Billy Preston on piano.

The truly demented dancing of the great Roy Head!

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