Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soul Singers of the '60s - a list

 In the sixties we had a  number of male soul singers  hitting the charts regularly. There were a few however, that stood out clearly from the rest. Each one possessing their own unique style, they not only were great performers, but they influenced many other singers from their time and for generations to follow. The artist that claims the #1 spot on this list of the five greatest of that era to me is obvious. to follow are the men whom I feel are the remaining four...in my humble opinion, of course.

#5) Wilson Pickett                                         

#4) Joe Tex

#3) Otis Redding

#2) Jackie Wilson

Now if you really don't know the artist that sits at the top of this list, Please, Please, Please ask somebody! Here's a hint :

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