Friday, May 20, 2011

Hidden Diamonds - Bruce,Baker and Moore

Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Gary Moore formed a short-lived super group (see the post where I obssessively pick apart that particular designation) in 1993. they released one album, Around The Next Dream,  which reached #9 in the U.K. album charts running for four weeks in 1994. That and the fact that they only toured once in the U.K. only, is probably the reason why this diamond is so hidden. This particular track, "You Can't Fool The Blues" is a nice bit of a blues stomper, although personally I would have rather heard Jack Bruce on lead vocals. Meaning no disrespect to the late Gary Moore, who passed away February 6,2011, I simply feel his greatest talent was being  one of rock's most rightly celebrated guitarists, may he rest in peace. All in all,  more than worth a listen.

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