Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hidden Diamonds ...Soledad

.This is the first of a series of performances that are not widely known but should be.

Let's check out "Soledad" by Eric Burdon and Jimmy Witherspoon...

This is from an album released in 1971 called Guilty and in later re-releases titled White, Black and Blue. It seems that after Jimi Hendrix died soon after a jam session with Burdon and the group War, the singer became prone to collapse on stage. This was purportedly due to a combination of depression and exhaustion. Burdon eventually left the tour midway through and returned home. Not long after arriving, he began work on an album with one of his heroes, blues great Jimmy Witherspoon. The above selection, "Soledad" was written  by Eric Burdon and John Sterling about the nominal London prison.

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