Thursday, July 12, 2012

Great Performances # 4

Definitely one of the Great Performances in All Things Rockin', we see here two enormous talents now gone from us and sorely missed...the late greats Phil Lynott and Gary Moore. This performance, on the steps of The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia from 1978, Is a stunning example of a truly great rock unit led by an uncommonly charismatic front man. The first part is "Cowboy Song", one of Thin Lizzy's underappreciated gems. As to the second part, "The Boys Are Back In Town" is Lizzy's signature song. Highly regarded author of some of the best books about rock music ever written, David Thompson said in his book I Hate New Music that "The Boys Are Back In Town" is the last great rock song of the 70s which makes it the last great rock song ever. Hyperbole? Perhaps... but close enough to the truth for me.

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  1. I found this very interesting. Thin Lizzy was one of the last great rock bands of the seventies. Phil Lynott was one of the ultimate talents of rock. Gary Moore was one of the most emotional guitar players ever. If you have never heard it, I highly recommend Gary's version of "The Messiah Will Come Again" from the album After the War. It will put chils onto you. The songs that Thin Lizzy wrote were brilliant. The guitar duos sounded amazing, and Phil's phrasing in his singing was great. He was also a monster bass player. Nice article