Sunday, May 27, 2012

Great Performances #2

Back in the good old days ( danger! danger! old fart alert! )  when rock and roll was literally a lifestyle, playing keyboards meant a Hammond B-3 organ with a Fender Rhodes piano stacked precariously on top of it, drummers had no use for a drum riser and every picture did indeed tell a story, Rod Stewart And The Faces were at the top of their game. The two performances that follow are examples of five guys having a bluesy, boozy good time making the music they love and making it all look so easy. Special attention must go to the tasteful bass lines and vocal support of the late great Ronnie Lane. The first number is the Rod Stewart - Ian McLagen song "Three Button Hand Me Down" after which the boys spray their wonderful stink all over the once-immaculate Paul McCartney ballad "Maybe I'm Amazed" both recorded at The BBC in 1971. Enjoy!

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