Friday, October 21, 2011

Hidden Diamonds - Taxxi

In spite of the fact that Paul Rodgers and Free had nothing to do with this release, one could not be blamed for thinking "I'm Leaving" was one of the classic British band's best songs. With a spot-on rendering of Rodger's vocal style, Paul Kossoff's killer vibrato and even Andy Fraser's percolating bass, the only thing the two bands had in common was their home country of Great Britain.
Formed in the late 70s by bassist Colin Payne, vocalist/guitarist David Cummings and drummer Jeffrey Nead, the trio were augmented in the studio by various musicians, most notably American Idol judge Randy Jackson who is seen in the accompanying video on bass guitar. "I'm Leaving" appeared on the album State Of Emergency, released in 1982. It was the band's second of four albums consisting of, curiously enough, mostly new wave style material. It was the red headed stepchild "I'm Leaving" that gave them their only real hit, as it remains a classic rock staple today. The song went to #39 on the Billboard charts, and stands as the best Free song Free never recorded.

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